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Get the most powerful and reliable software tools at affordable prices with Desan HS!

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Desan HS QR Sistemleri - Referanslar - Öz-Mer Otomotiv
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About Desan HS

As Desan HS, We are serving everywhere that has internet connection. We are doing our best with our vision that targeting businesses income increase.

  • User friendly admin panel
  • Restaurant QR Menu System
  • Hotel Qr Code Menu program

Our systems helps to increase the customer satisfaction, and grove profits at your business. By the way, we care about taking advanced security measures, and protecting you in the legal suite.

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Desan HS QR Menü ve Sipariş Yazılımı - Restoran QR Menü Sistemi - qr menü sipariş

Easier Order
Faster Sales

With the help of the Qr Code Systems that we developed For Restaurant, Cafe, and Bars make your profits at the top of the ladder.

  • Make Happy Customers
  • Throw away paper bills, and cheques. Get rid of the press printing expenses.
  • Calling Waiter
  • Multiple Language Support
  • End-to-end Customizable

Always be one step ahead with New Generation Desan HS Qr Systems

If you work with Desan HS, You don't be scared about problems in your business or unhappy customers.

  • 01 %99,74 non-stop server service

    Our servers are always up-to-date with the help of the discrete workload management, and green energy, and our hosting providers always with you. Electrical problems should not make you empale.

  • Internet usage is more in our life day by day. So, there is more and more malicious software, and counterterrorism. As Desan HS we are taking responsibility of that security considerations.

  • Enjoy the world-class technology with our professional design, photography, and user interface employees. If you want a Qr Menu, you can forget the ordinary qr codes, and contact us for gain experience with or design skills.


Cutting Edge Stock Management

Developed for Warehouses, Restaurant, and Cafes stock management system. With the help of this system, financial calculations, and defining estimated stock days are falling behind.

  • Avert the yield loses
  • Speed up your service using our barcode or Qr code systems.
  • Staff member control system
  • Expiration date control
  • Reporting the purchase and sales prices.
Desan HS stok takip - stok takip programı - stok takip sistemi - stok takip uygulaması - depo programı - stok programı - depo takip

Service Management System

If you are managing a car service, this program just for you! Save systematically cars at your shop, and when it's time send an automatic invitation for your customers.

  • If you want to make your customers will come back to your service for periodic maintenance, It is very easy with Desan HS! Only you need to do specify the customers periodic time to servicing. Send invitation using SMS, or Mail, or Whatsapp Message.

  • Developed for the services is assuming spare parts supply . This system that can compare purchase and sales prices, and work with the service system at full coordination will save your money.

  • High quality communications with your customers is the golden rule for gain income. Sending a simple well-detailed pro form invoice to your customer's pocket makes your customer feeling special.

Desan HS işletme yönetimi - yönetim paneli - işletme yönetim sayfası - qr menü oluşturma - karekod menü oluşturma

Whole Business On Your Hands

With the admin panel that we developed for completely your business needs, Whether you're enjoying the sun on holiday or at a business meeting out of town; you can fix something that's wrong on your business in seconds. We always don't ask any extra payment for extra premium features like unlimited product on your qr menu.

  • Unlimited product listing
  • Employee Controlling
  • Financial reporting and summaries
  • Online payment panel
  • Email - SMS panel for customer communication
Desan HS - desanhs - desan - qr menü - qr menü oluşturma - stok takip programı - depo takip - dijital karekod menü - servis yönetim programı

Everything You Need

Feel the latest generation Business Solutions and Desan HS Quality

Advanced Design

We develop our products using new generation technology. Our design samples got inspired by the grace of the nature.

User Friendly Admin Dashboard

Everything you need just in a panel. Sure it's open for the development!

Digital Order Using QR Technology

Easier order, faster sales. The most efficient way to marketing your products

Latest QR MenU Systems

With the menu that you can add unlimited products; Throw away the non-aesthetic, handcrafted and non-hygienic menus.

Desan HS - desanhs - desan - dijital karekod - otel resepsiyon sipariş - servis kayıt programı - stok takip uygulaması

Forget Ordinary QR Codes and Websites

Our impact of some markets nowadays As Desan HS

Restaurant and Cafe QR Menus 100%
Hotel reception Order / Request Systems 95%
Car Registration, And Service Management At Automotive Marketplace 85%
Stock and Financial Management Systems 80%


We are serving services at the most needed parts of your business.

Closed to Blues

Wherever you are at the office, or at the holiday enjoying the sun. You can always control your business, change your prices, or any other changes wherever on the world.

Clear Data

What type of your products? Or, how much costs that a product your customer likes? How is the employee shift table this week? Everything is waiting for you at the panel we developed for you.

Quick & Aesthetic

From automating a production process in your business to how to impress your customers more and increase their satisfaction with your QR menu, Desan HS is here.

Scalable & Customizable

You can customize your promotional website that appeals to your customers as you wish, or you can ask us for it.

Contact Us Just Now

If you have questions or can't decide what's right for your business, call us now and let's schedule a meeting. Our expert team will be happy to conduct a detailed review of your business and prepare a presentation for you.


We Prepared a Sample Album From Our Past Projects For You.

  • All
  • Automotive
  • Personal
  • Service Industry


Desan HS QR Sistemleri - Müşteri Yorumları - Öz-Mer Otomotiv

Ömer B.

Öz-Mer Otomotiv

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If you have question marks in your mind; You might want to read the frequently asked questions section.

  • What's Your Prices?

    Our pricing policy is to offer you products in line with the needs of your business at the most affordable price. First of all, if you allow us to get to know you and your business, we will offer you the most logical solutions and the most economical pricing for these solutions.

  • Protection of personal data is one of our main focuses. Our vision; No data sharing with third party companies. As a result of our joint work with our legal consultants and lawyers who are experts in their fields, we create reliable systems that are compatible with today's laws. Desan HS assumes full responsibility for the protection of personal data.

  • Yes, all our customers are special to us and we work diligently for each of our customers. We work with all our strength to create the most stylish and modern designs for you and your business, with aesthetic concerns and in line with your wishes. For personalized design service; Desan HS does not charge you additional fees.

  • We can say that this possibility will be the moment that will upset us the most :/ But of course, Desan HS will always provide this freedom to our valued customers. If you terminate your membership, you can also evaluate any remaining usage from your last membership.

  • You can contact us at any time of the day by calling our mobile number stated on our website, sending a message via our WhatsApp line, e-mail to our e-mail address or using the contact form on our website.


You can contact us using the communication channels below


353. Sokak Nergiz Blok, İzmir, Buca 3570, Türkiye


+90 530 249 28 12